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Xarelto is a blood thinner that allegedly causes uncontrollable bleeding.  Bayer allegedly hid the risks of Xarelto and the jury found it liable to the plaintiff for $28 million dollars. They had won the first two trials.

Injuries may include:

  • Xarelto Bleeding
  • Xarelto Hemorrhaging
  • Stroke
  • Xarelto Dea

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We handle cases nationwide and we’re only paid if we win the case.  Presently there is no Xarelto lawsuit settlement, but cases must be filed in a timely manner.  Lawyers are drawing parallels to the Xarelto Litigation and the Pradaxa litigation which settled for $650 million dollars, but there are no guarantees of resolution.  However, we handle these cases on a contingency basis, which means we are only paid if we win your case, so if you took Xarelto and experienced any severe negative side effect we want to speak with you and discuss your rights.

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