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There’s a right way and a wrong way to blow the whistle.

With the right way, you can obtain a percentage of the money saved which could be in the millions. You can help correct an illegal practice and have the satisfaction of knowing you did a public good. Sounds scary? It certainly is. With major consequences and important decisions to make you should consult with a law firm that handles whistleblower actions before taking on any action by yourself. Our law firm can talk you through your options, walk you through the likelihood of success, and educate you on the protections for blowing the whistle in the right way.

Our firm values whistleblowers and qui tam cases. The head of our firm, Jason T. Brown, was a former FBI Special Agent who passionately fought corruption when he was with the government, and now as a private attorney zealously fights for those who want to champion the cause of eliminating fraud, waste and abuse of resources. We’re available to discuss your case 24/7 and can schedule time after hours or during the weekends when it’s convenient for you. The call is free and confidential and our firm is only paid if we win your case.

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How do you file a qui tam lawsuit? How do I file a qui tam lawsuit?

A Qui Tam Lawsuit, also known as a whistleblower lawsuit is generally filed pursuant to the False Claims Act (FCA), which requires the use of an attorney. The case must be filed under seal with proper notice given to the various government agencies on behalf of the whistleblower, also known as a relator.

Who can be a whistleblower?

Theoretically, anyone can be a whistleblower who has information, but the law strongly favors whistleblower awards for those that have inside information. Under the False Claims Act (FCA), there is a growing body of law that suggests only an insider can recover, but there are some outlying opinions that discuss otherwise if there is very specific information provided. With an SEC Whistleblower, it can be anyone as well as long as they can provide insight to the global practice in which the financial company puts its own interests ahead of the consumers.

What is a whistleblower lawsuit?

A Whistleblower lawsuit that’s actionable generally falls into a few categories. A False Claims Act (FCA) in which the government has been defrauded.  SEC Whistleblowers where financial institutions fail to have the best interest of their clients in mind and practice.  Various state law protections, which often times only address wrongful termination, but certain states like New York, New Jersey, California, and Illinois may have stronger state whistleblower protections.

Do you get money for being a whistleblower?

Whistleblower stand to receive very bountiful whistleblower awards if their case is successful. Generally, under the False Claims Act, if the government intervenes it is around 20% with an average settlement of around $13 million dollars.  Of course, it’s a long process with precarious pitfalls that needs to be navigated to avoid the perils and maximize the chance of a successful result.

What is the whistleblower program?

The whistleblower program is what people colloquially refer to as the various statutes such as the False Claims Act or the SEC Whistleblower programs that allow whistle blowers to bring an action. It is not like the Witness Protection Program, although the SEC whistleblowers may be able to remain anonymous, those filing False Claims Act cases, although initially under seal, will have their identity disclosed at some point.  The statutes entitle the successful prosecution of a case that is attributable to the whistleblower a portion of the recovery.


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