Why do truck accidents happen?

Speeding, Overloading

Equipment Failure

Overstressed or Overworked Drivers

Adverse Weather Conditions

Poor Visibility or Lighting Especially at Night


Highway Hypnosis

Lack of Familiarity With the Route

The one common factor in all of the above-mentioned scenarios is that the root cause of the problem is negligence on part of the truck driver, or the truck company. Even if there are adverse conditions, safe driving could prevent accidents, or reduce the injury from impact. Many accidents may take place in long rural roads like in the twin states, North Dakota and South Dakota. No matter where it occurs in the country certain truck accident law firms, like our firm will consult with you about the accident and travel to see you if the case warrants it and can file the matter in conjunction with local counsel.

From the first moment you’re in a truck accident, the truck company has their insurance company working on the case to try and minimize their exposure. They may try to ask you your version of events again and again to create inconstancies, offer you pennies on the dollar, or ask your “permission” to fix something thereby destroying evidence. You need someone on your side right away. If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident, you should call 1 (877) 561-0000 right now. Lawyers are standing by.

Every truck on the road is a potential death threat depending on the road conditions and the attentiveness of the drivers. An accident with a large vehicle can cause severe injuries, amputations, broken bones, broken sternums, knee injuries, internal body damage and in extreme cases, even death. Physical injuries are not the only adverse consequence of truck injuries; rather the injured may have a psychological aversion to driving and trucks or not be able to put the accident out of their mind. trucks have much more momentum than an average vehicle. Compared to a car, pickup truck, motorcycle, or any other motor vehicle, an

Given the rising cost of medical bills, the affected person’s inability to work, and the cost of repair of a damaged vehicle; the financial damage of a truck accident can be unmanageable. victims of truck accidents may suffer permanent or temporary setbacks at work. They may not be able to return to work at all. Compensation from a truck accident lawsuit may help the victim regain control over the financial spiral caused from the accident, and attend to medical bills and other financial liabilities.

Truck Accident Claims & Legal Process

Deciding what to do after a truck accident can be difficult. You need the best medical care as well as effective legal representation. Once you’ve cared for your immediate medical needs, you should focus on contacting a truck accident lawyer who can help you through the complex truck accident claims process.

Here are the steps we’ll take for you

The medical attention required after a truck accident, may be immediate, and may last for the coming few years, or even a lifetime. The following are the most common injuries caused due to truck accidents:

Third degree burns Spinal injuries Fractures and concussions Skull/brain injuries Other internal wounds Death

Although you many never physical and mentally be the same, economic compensation may bring some modicum of resolution to these issues. In that direction, the first step is to hire a qualified truck accident attorney right away. An accident is extremely time-sensitive. You need to make sure the evidence is preserved, put on notice all the proper parties and maybe send an investigator to the scene. You must make sure that you obtain qualified legal help as soon as possible to protect your claim and rights.

Most trucking accident lawyers like our firm works on a contingency basis. This means were are only paid if we win your case. We will spend our time and money investigating and prosecuting the case and if we lose you don’t us a dime. We will take your case if we believe in it and of course we will do everything to make the case a success. With the legal guidance of a capable truck accident injury lawyer, we can shepherd you through your trucking lawsuit and work hard to obtain justice for the accident and your injuries.

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The JTB Law Group can help you with your case from inception to payment (if successful). Here are some of the reasons why you should consider the JTB Law Group Truck Accident Law Firm:

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What to do in I’m in an accident with a truck?

First and foremost, if you’re in a truck accident you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones who were involved. Here is a list of other action items that are important:

  • Call the police to make sure that there is a police report for the truck accident
  • When speaking with the police:
    • Tell the Truth
    • Avoid exaggerations
    • If you think you need medical attention, make sure you receive that attention
    • If asked how you’re feeling, don’t be a superhero! Tell the officers everything that is bothering you from the accident
  • With or without the police make sure you obtain:
    • The truck driver’s name
    • The truck driver’s company
    • The truck driver’s insurance information
    • The truck driver’s contact information such as address

Do I need a truck accident lawyer?

As soon as a truck accident happens the trucking company insurance company is trained to do things to help their case and hurt yours. You have not received that training. Although under the law, you can try to file a claim yourself, you are then at the mercy of people who are trying to give you as little as possible and derail your case, so you may possibly receive nothing.

To counteract their team, you need your own team working for you. You need to make sure the evidence is preserved, that all applicable policies are disclosed, that you are not making statements that are distorted or outright changed when the other company writes it up.

“Hi, I’m Jack Doe from the trucking insurance company, how are you doing today?” Most people politely say, “fine” or “good” even when they’re injured and the insurance company can write it up saying, “I spoke with the person allegedly injured by our truck, and even though they went to the hospital for an alleged broken bone, they said they were doing ‘fine’ just two days after the accident when we spoke.”

Do you see how easy it is to distort the situation? We strongly recommend your hire a truck accident law firm like our firm the JTB Law Group (877) 561-0000 to have your own lawyers in your corner, but even if you don’t hire us, make sure you obtain representation as soon as possible. The other side is trying to curtail and derail your case and you may inadvertently say or do things that hurt your case without the right truck accident lawyer.

What’s extremely critical are things like?

Preservation of evidence notices. The evidence you have needs to be preserved as well as their evidence. Without representation, the insurance companies may indicate they’ll have your car fixed as soon as possible, and then “find” something wrong with it to allege it contributed to the accident. They may try to alter the truck or fix it right away to avoid finding out how worn the brakes are, or how the windshield wasn’t cleaned in a while. Notice and the right investigators need to be sent out ASAP, to preserve the evidence in your case.

The Truck Accident Law Firm will send out letters of representation, so you don’t have to deal directly with the insurance companies. Even the most innocent things they do may jeopardize your case. For example, they may speak with you in a recorded call and say something like “Good morning, Mr. Jones, how are you today?” When you reflexively answer, “I’m doing fine how are you?” they will allege on the date they spoke with, you claimed you were fine already. Sound sneaky? It is, and these insurance adjusters have been around the block many times, you thankfully, have not, and you need an experienced truck accident law firm to equalize the playing field.

Should I cooperate with their accident investigation?


Retain a quality Truck Accident Law Firm who can advocate on your behalf

  • We can provide a free consultation at (877) 561-0000 – JTB Law Group
  • Have a former FBI Special Agent assist you with your case
  • We’re only paid if we win your case
  • Even if it’s not our firm, we strongly recommend retaining a Truck Accident Lawyer

Preserve all the information.