truck accident lawyer Chicago IlTruck Accident Lawyer Chicago, Illinois

Truck Accidents are No Accident

If you’ve been hurt by a big vehicle you speak with a truck accident lawyer Chicago, Il turns to.  Trucks just roll on down the highway. Most truckers are good people, but they have tremendous pressures to deliver goods in a limited period of time.  Time is money on the road and when time is money sometimes people rush. Rushing can cause accidents and when it’s a several ton truck accidents can have major consequences.

A truck accident in lawyer Chicago, Il at Brown, LLC (formerly JTB Law Group, LLC) handles truck accident cases and understand in your time of you need you want and expect to be treated like a member of the family. We passionately represent our plaintiffs and protect their rights.  From the minute that there’s an accident the truck company’s attorneys are already working on the case. Trying to lock you into your statement. Taking pictures. Examining the scene. Framing the case in the best possible light for the truck company and the worst for you and your truck injury lawsuit.   You need to pounce on the process. In contrast to rushing delays hurt. The longer you delay the less likely certain things may still be available. Evidence may disappear. Witnesses harder to find. If they have attorneys working for them right at the beginning, you should as well. Of course, we’d like to speak with you about your case to see if we can assist, but it’s all about you and your rights. Even if after you speak with a Chicago truck accident lawyer at Brown, LLC and receive a free truck accident consultation, if you don’t use the firm you will be strongly encouraged to select a firm as soon as possible to preserve your rights and advance the case.

Nowadays, there have been record verdicts with truck accident lawsuits.  With One school of thought is that the plaintiff’s truck accident counsel have advanced technology plaintiff’s truck accident lawyers now have access to seamless ways to investigate cases, store the information, retrieve data and make a seamless presentation to the jury if it comes to a trial.  In the past the defendants had endless resources and the plaintiffs’ lawyers were hamstrung. Now, the playing field has been leveled.

Another important, but sometimes overlooked facet of truck accident litigation is determination and location of all the assets and insurance policies.  One of the tragic things of a regular car accident, is that the extent and limits of the insurance policies often are not sufficient to adequately compensate the injured.   Sometimes, the policies don’t even cover the liens on the case from the medical providers! With a truck accident case, if you know what to ask for and where to look, sometimes there can be millions of coverage so if there is a catastrophic injury Chicago, Il then the attorneys can hopefully find the coverage.  Money won’t bring back a loved one or restore you to your old self but it can certainly help compensate you if you can’t work and have bills to pay.

With the emergence of ride-share technologies companies like Lyft and Uber have exponentially let drivers drive and cause an increased share of accidents.  Although they are not truckers per se, they may have additional insurance policies, so a Chicago, IL truck accident lawyer at Brown, LLC will examine ride-share injuries as well.

If the fates have been a little unkind to you and you find yourself in a truck accident you speak with an experienced law firm that handles truck accident litigation like Brown, LLC (formerly JTB Law Group, LLC). The truck accident lawyers at are always ready to speak with you about your case and to travel to meet with you anywhere in the country. Don’t delay.  While you’re reading this the insurance companies already have their defense in plan – speak with a truck accident lawyer Chicago Il trusts right now.