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Taxotere is used for chemotherapy.  While chemotherapy may be associated with hair loss, the use of Taxotere has been associated with permanent hair loss or alopecia, when the comparable product Taxol does not.

The Taxotere lawsuit alleges that the company hid the risks of permanent hair loss and did now allow women to have the informed consent to use the safer product with less risk.

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We handle Taxotere cases nationwide and we’re only paid if we win the case.  Presently there is no Taxotere lawsuit settlement, but cases must be filed in a timely manner.

According to the revised label approved by the FDA in December 2015, hair loss is listed as a side effect “hair loss: in most cases normal hair growth should return. In some cases (frequency not known) permanent hair loss has been observed” (  However, it is alleged that the Sanofi Aventis, the Taxotere drug manufacturer knew or should have known the actual Taxtore hair loss rates and risks before 2015 and may know since it.

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