Even if we can’t help you we’d like to hear from you about your potential whistleblower case. The bulk of the whistleblower cases we file are False Claims Act Lawsuits, State Whistleblower actions, SEC Whistleblower matters, and Whistleblower Retaliation cases. The non-SEC cases involve people coming forth who have the courage to expose when the government is defrauded. The SEC whistleblower cases generally are insiders who have information regarding financial firms who do not have the clients best interests in mind or action, or firms functioning as financial firms who are not registered with the SEC. SEC whistleblowers can remain anonymous with the use of counsel. False Claims Act Plaintiffs must have qui tam counsel to commence and action and generally may not be anonymous. A large number of False Claims Act cases implicate Medicare Fraud, where the federal government is defrauded via a variety of ways. When the states Medicaid program is defrauded it is trickier since there needs to be a mechanism to allow the relator to receive a share of the recovery.

Two states that have remarkable statutes that also enable individuals to receive whistleblower awards for unearthing fraud against private insurance companies are California and Illinois.

Here are the links to the descriptions of the various state whistleblower laws and the cases we file: