SEC Whistleblowers
Blowing the Whistle on Wall Street Fraud

Special Agent Jason T. Brown with FBI Director Louis Freeh (1998)

If you've discovered securities fraud or have been punished or fired for opposing unethical accounting practices within a company, you could potentially have whistleblower protections and rights. To maximize your ability to succeed, you should consult with an SEC Whistleblower lawyer who can assist you in reporting the misconduct to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act) offers protection and monetary rewards for employees who report fraud at publicly traded companies. In the past few years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been given as SEC whistleblower awards for inside information that has led to successful enforcement action.

The whistleblower lawyers at Brown, LLC law firm have considerable experience helping people with their whistleblower cases — both at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for awards and seeking protection and financial damages for whistleblowers in federal court.

The SEC Whistleblower Program:

What Violations Qualify for a Viable Claim

The SEC has broad jurisdiction over a wide range of industries and entities including both public and private.
The most common claims involve:

  • Fraudulent securities offerings and Ponzi schemes
  • Insider trading
  • Investment and securities fraud
  • Not acting in the best interest of the clients
  • Foreign bribery and other FCPA violations
  • Improperly using segregated monies
  • Accounting fraud

This is just a short list of the long litany of issues that the SEC investigates.
The SEC Whistleblower Program is also authorized to provide eligible whistleblowers with monetary awards amounting to anywhere between 10 to 30 percent of the recovery. With hundreds of millions in play that could be a substantial sum of money.

How Strong Is Your SEC Whistleblower Claim?

There are some important rules you need to know to maximize your chances of winning your whistleblower case:

Whistleblower Awards

You are eligible to recover a significant financial whistleblower reward, only if you provide the original information relating to violations of securities laws as per the SEC’s rules. Additionally, your information must lead to a recovery summing up to $1 million or more. You should consult with an SEC whistleblower lawyer to discuss whether your information would qualify for an SEC whistleblower award.

Whistleblower Protection

SEC whistleblowers are guaranteed strong protection against retaliation. However, to qualify for whistleblower protection, you need to prove that your employer was aware of your complaint and that your complaint was a “contributing factor” that resulted in retaliation.


The perk of being an SEC whistleblower is that you are allowed to report fraud anonymously. But, to qualify for confidentiality, you must file your whistleblower complaint through legal counsel according to SEC’s rules.

Stay Anonymous with an SEC
Whistleblower Lawyer

The SEC whistleblower program permits whistleblowers to file claims anonymously if they are represented by a whistleblower attorney. This important ability is provided by the Dodd-Frank Act. An anonymous submission may be made through SEC whistleblower lawyers in order to protect the identity of the whistleblower even in the front of the government.

If you are thinking about blowing the whistle on securities fraud or other financial misconduct, you should seek counsel from an experienced whistleblower attorney. Our SEC whistleblower lawyers provide assistance to whistleblowers across the United States.

Jason T. Brown
Former FBI Special Agent

Choosing the Right Whistleblower Lawyer

Under the guidance of Jason T. Brown, a former FBI Special Agent and the head of the firm, Brown, LLC has successfully represented whistleblowers under the Federal False Claims Act (FCA) and continues to represent whistleblowers nationwide in filing FCA matters and under the Dodd-Frank SEC whistleblower program. Our SEC whistleblower law firm is only paid if successful.

If you know about security violations such as bribery, theft, corporate fraud, any accounting irregularities, inside trading, or actions taken without the best interest of the clients in mind you may be eligible to file an SEC whistleblower claim. Call us at 1 (877) 561-0000, our whistleblower lawyers are ready to guide you, fight for you and counsel you on the best course of action.

Jason T. Brown
Former FBI Special Agent
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