IRS Whistleblowing – Tax Fraud Whistle Blower

An IRS Whistleblowing case can take some time.

In order to be eligible for an award you need to have information that is:

»  Specific

»  Credible

»  Resulting in the collection of money for the government of someone dodging or evading taxes

The IRS generally does not look at speculative cases, deductive cases, educated guesses or theories.  The also shy away from business disputes or cases where other litigation is pending, but that doesn’t mean they will completely avoid the matter. They require:

»  Crystal Clear information about Tax Fraud

»  People who have solid proof or can articulate the proof with clarity who were truly on the inside

»  Cases in which the government stands to recoup over $2 Million dollars in money hidden or owed to the IRS

In cases in which the government recovers over $2 Million the IRS whistleblower stands to collect 15-30% of the recovery which could be considerable if there is a massive tax fraud.  The government may consider smaller tax cases that hit certain thresholds, but the case must essentially be on a silver platter.

Additionally, various states, like New York with New York’s Tax Whistleblower recovery statutes may entitle the whistleblower to other awards as well.

If you think you know of someone or a business defrauding the government by evading or falsifying it’s taxes you should call us at (877) 561-0000 to speak with a law firm that handles IRS whistleblower cases.