The Impenetrable Fortress of Suburbia – The Impound Lot New Jersey Tow Truck Company’s Excessive and Illegal fees

Most tow truck drivers and companies are just doing their job policing areas where one shouldn’t park, towing the vehicle, and charging the individual fees as proscribed by statute.

However, many tow truck companies add on illegal and excessive fees which violate certain laws in the State of New Jersey.

For example, if you’re towed on the New Jersey State Parkway, only certain companies are licensed to tow vehicles and the rates are set by statute.

Each municipality has its own laws setting the appropriate rates.

If you received a New Jersey tow truck charge that you don’t think is right, contact our firm at 1 (201) 630-0000 and we can review the charges free of charge to see if the company committed a violation and educate you on your rights.  If you’re overcharged, we can possibly file a class action on your behalf to help you recover all the illegal fees they imposed on you as well as others.  Our tow truck lawyers are only paid if they win your case.