Catastrophic Injury Lawyer York Pennsylvania

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer York PennsylvaniaIf you have a big case and don’t know where to turn, you should speak to a catastrophic injury lawyer York, PA who can work with you and fight for you to try and win you all you deserve. No one wants to be hurt, but not knowing what do after suffering an injury is doubly disastrous. During a personal injury lawsuit one of the questions defense lawyers ask badly injured plaintiffs is, “Who did you call first, your lawyer or your doctor?” Of course, if you’ve suffered a catastrophic life altering injury you need to seek medical attention first! Healing you physically and psychologically is the priority, all a truck accident or other personal injury lawyer can do is help you obtain economic compensation for your injuries and no matter how much money they give either via settlement or judgment most people would just prefer to be the way they were before the accident rather than have money and be injured.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Classically according to the American Medical Association a catastrophic injury is a severe injury to the spine, spinal cord, or brain, which may include fractures of the skull or spine. Football is the leading sport for catastrophic injuries based on the impact of the collisions and truck accidents the leading cause of catastrophic injury based on the force, weight and physics of the truck.

Some research centers classify catastrophic injuries in three buckets:

  • Fatalities
  • Severe Functional Disability
  • Severe Head and or Neck Trauma

Injuries this severe often require chronic medical attention and lifelong care. Just like some doctors specialize in treating less severe injuries and refer out the more significant episodes, some injury law firms take the smaller cases, and send out the serious injury litigation. The lawyers at Brown, LLC, are led by former FBI Special Agent Jason T. Brown, who has recovered millions upon millions for his clients. Their catastrophic injury lawyers focus more on the life altering injuries and they decline many of the smaller “whiplash” type of cases. The firm can guide you through all parts of the legal process and provide you with a candid assessment of the accident case, its possible timelines and its different avenues of recovery and potential settlement ranges.

What Causes Catastrophic Injuries?

Unfortunately, many accidents are preventable, but oftentimes, one party is negligent, meaning they did not act reasonably under the circumstances. For example if there is a catastrophic truck accident, sometime it can be attributed to driver fatigue, failure to signal, other traffic violations, failure to keep the truck up to code, or many other factors. Physician or Medical Malpractice can cause major injuries, just as car accidents, ride-share accidents, Uber Accidents, Lyft Accidents, slip and falls, train accidents, plane accidents, negligence, FELA, ladder falls, construction accidents and many more causes.

Colloquially people use the word catastrophic to refer to matters in which there are considerable amount of damages, even if it does not concern a physical injury. The lawyer at Brown, LLC will also handle litigation matters when there are high dollar amounts at stake or other noble causes, such as protecting whistleblowers and whistleblowing on massive cheats and frauds, commercial litigation and collective employee rights to name a few.

If you’ve suffered through a serious injury, you should make sure your physician treats you first, but also, make sure that the wrongdoers are held accountable. You should speak with a firm that is passionate and personable and can tireless fight for you against the big insurance companies and defendants. Call our a catastrophic injury lawyer York, PA today for a free consultation and to find out about your rights.