The Defendants

Allergy Partners, P.A., describes itself as “leaders in allergy and asthma care,” and “the nation’s largest single specialty practice with multiple locations across the United States.” Dr. David A. Brown is a founder of the company and its President and CEO.

The Relator

Relator worked in the company’s Central Billing Office.

Defendant’s Alleged Fraud

The lawsuit alleges that Allergy Partners committed millions of dollars of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, thereby violating the False Claims Act (FCA), by:

Refusing to refund excessive payments, and instead concealing them “off the books”;

Submitting claims for allergy tests and other services that were never actually provided to patients;

Submitting claims for services that were rendered in violation of Medicare guidelines; and

Incorrectly coding claims in order to obtain reimbursement for services that are not covered by Medicare.

Case Status

09/13/2017: The Complaint was filed under seal in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina, and assigned to District Judge Martin Reidinger.

06/10/2019: The case was unsealed.

07/1/2019: Defendants were served and have until September 3, 2019 to answer or otherwise respond to the Complaint.

If you have any information regarding the allegations in the complaint, please contact the whistleblower lawyers at Brown, LLC at (877) 561-0000 to discuss.

Allergy Partners, P.A.