Are You Sure About Essure???

Essure is a bad birth control product.  It has been pulled from the market after numerous complaints.

According to the NYTimes over 16,000 women have filed suit as a result of injuries related to Bayer’s Essure.

Essure injuries could include:



Metal (nickel sensitivity)

Unwanted pregnancy

Unexplained weight gain

Autoimmune disorders



Difficulty Removing

If you were implanted with Essure IUD your rights are time sensitive.  Generally, after a product is pulled from the market, that is a possible sign there could be an Essure settlement in the works.  If that occurs and you’ve been injured the sooner you obtain representation the better you are, as many settlement processes are extremely time sensitive.

If you suffered as a result of Essure, call our Essure litigation lawyers today at 1 (877) 561-0000 for a free consultation about your rights.  The call is free and confidential, and the firm is only paid if we win your case.