Arbitration Lawyers

Arbitration is an emerging topic since the United Supreme Court ruled that most arbitration clauses are enforceable.  Not only does our firm have considerable experience in handling arbitration and mediation

on behalf of litigants, but we also are licensed to arbitrate and mediate.  Our site is dedicated to services we can provide as a third party neutral.

Many times someone will be confronted with an arbitration clause and think they can’t sue or become discouraged.  Our arbitration lawyers can review the clause and determine whether its enforceable and if its enforceable then we can discuss arbitration representation.  Most of our cases we take on a contingency basis, which means we’re only paid if we win.  Our arbitration lawyers can set aside time to speak with you after hours or on the weekends when it’s most convenient for you.  Arbitration may seem different at first, but once you speak with one of lawyers regarding the arbitration process, it is just another legal proceeding that the right counsel can assist you with and hopefully help you obtain a successful arbitration award.

If you’re facing an issue involving arbitration call us 24/7 at 1 (877) 561-0000 for a free confidential consultation.